Brayin Candy

Harpy Talks Vouchers

HilaryCare once again proves that she’s the worst speaker in American political history. Both Douglas and Lincoln are grave spinning as she assaults the English language with her educational status quo screed. Once again proving she is a true central planner Stalinist with no clue of basic economics, giving her long winded; winding drivel would have earned her an F in 9th grade speech class. Without a lapdog press she would have zero chance of getting the Party nomination and should never be misoverestimated for President as the pathetic candidate she is. How many chances does she get to prove she cannot give a decent screech?

Finally addressing the Plantation education program, she told the Inner City Blacks to shut up and embrace their yokes. With dropout rates in the DemocRat’s Black ghetto running over 60% while spending is in the stratosphere she had the nerve to tell Blacks they don’t want vouchers or need better schools through the forces of competition. Blacks who overwhelmingly vote for vouchers to get into the same private schools Chelsea and the Kennedys go to, are being barred from these schools by Harpy clinton and the DNC just like Jim Crow days.

Vouchers will bring variety and competition to education. Monopolies have been proven over and over they are inefficient and static. The suburbs have seen private and Christian schools has kept the public schools honest. Schools such as my son’s have a higher academic standard than public schools which will give him a leg up on getting into better colleges as well as being more prepared to succeed. Even though these schools represent 10% of the students the public schools are aware and forces them to push their standards for fear of losing students.

The Inner City is the last place good teachers want to teach often being the training ground for new teachers looking for the first road out. These schools have nothing more than the Public Dumping Ground with the eventual drop outs followed by the cycle of hopelessness. When there is no hope or future then decisions of crime and jail are not as difficult or threatening. Lives inside the City are spinning out of control and all Harpy has to offer is more status quo. Just keep pouring money in this DNC boondoggle since the slaves are bought lock stock and over a barrel. This is one of the most corrupt sources of Union graft in the Country making Enron seems like child’s play. With friends like The Missus or the NEA who needs the KKK???

Harpy gave the reason for not trying vouchers is that just as there are Catholic, Jewish and Secular schools there would all of the sudden be White Supremists and Jihad schools. If they were in the same district you would have the Klan vs the Suicide Bombers in a FB game. Bet those rallies would be sumptin. When she said Jihadist school she meant Islam Wahabi, but that would be Politically Incorrect for a lib. Who knows, maybe in her angry hate filled mind White Supremists and Jihadist are the same White Wing Christians.

You have to dig pretty hard to find a more ridiculous argument. She hasn’t the slightest clue how the free market works. Does she really think  Blacks would join the White Supremist school or parents would want their kids to go to a Wahabi school? Who in their right mind would invest in either of those schools in America? Where you going to get teachers to teach? This is as absurd as it gets. The NEA should ask for their money back for this chalkboard chalk squeak.

Ignore the fact that was as bad a screech ever given with its meandering nonsense, the basic message really explains why the DNC is a wolf in Black Sheep’s Clothing. She was telling Coloreds she will happily throw them down the elevator shaft for NEA money. She will sing the old tired Bolshevik tune while Black youts sing da blues on their way to prison. How foolish can one group be? For the supposedly smartest woman in America, this argument is idiocy.

The bottom line is that the NEA has become vicious attack dogs between what Blacks want and the DinocRat candidates. They have to convince Blacks these failed schools are better than a private school and that dog won’t hunt. As Blacks move into the middle class and away from the Plantation they see this argument along with abortion etc and are moving towards the Republican Party. You will never find it in polls or the Stone Age Press but the Rats are hemorrhaging Blacks like a severed carotid artery. So they stick this bandage on the wound and hope it holds. Only time will tell if Blacks care more about their children than they do about the Stalinist Plantation.

Pray for W and Our Freedom Fighters