Brayin Candy

Karl Rove and the Press

 Just when you would think the Stoned Age Press had learned its lesson from the Space Age monitors, they jump off the cliff once more. The mock outrage from the DNC talking heads about Karl Rove being a source for a story puts one more nail into their already sealed coffin. With viewers turning to Fox and radio, PravdABDNC pounds its collective chest like they are still the monopoly they were at the turn of the century. Those days are long past and their consumers have become far more sophisticated to swallow their sludge sandwiches whole.

Rove has been proven innocent beyond a shadow of a doubt to the objective viewer. Barring an unforeseen error, he did nothing wrong with his handling of CIA information; even if Mrs Wilson had been something other than a mid level paper pusher. The more interesting dynamic of this entire fiasco is the role the press took as leader of the lynch mob. They are so hungry to defeat or injure President George W Bush they will take the slightest question and attempt to turn it into Watergate II. Their obvious bias has gone from leaning left to being DNC extremists.

The DC and NY press corpse has become such an old boys club and echo chamber is near impossible for an original idea to form let alone be vocalized. There is a general thought process manufactured at DNC headquarters which is then repeated among the journalists covering the issues to become the approved train of thought. This process is expressed in the beliefs homosexuality is normal, abortion til the first breath and higher taxes for the public good. Anyone not espousing these thoughts is an outsider who won’t be given front page or awards which is reflected on the paycheck. Thus, all the reporters and commentators just paste their reports on the echo chamber walls and receive the pats on the backs.

News is really nothing more than a commodity and news organizations really only reproduce this plentiful resource. The commodity they produce is truth and they must provide the credibility to produce the truth. The Old York Times and its partners have augured their credibility into the ground like a MIG with a Sidewinder up its stovepipe. Like any commodity, when the quality goes down so does the price. This is why FOX’s ratings are skyrocketing, since people can distinguish between a quality product and trash. FOX does not report only one side of the story but actually it is just the opposite, they report both sides. They question both sides and let the public decide where the truth lies. Their ratings reflect their credibility.

Echo Chambers work fine as long as you’re a monopoly. They are less than efficient when there is competition that is willing to question your results. Along came Rush, Fox and the internet where people who have different opinions can express those opinions and question the status quo. Their consumers are not the uneducated bumpkins they pretend they are. Most have college degrees and have expertise throughout the business and political fields. When they make obvious mistakes they are exposed.

Along comes a story like the Karl Rove story. An objective press would have asked questions from both sides to find where the truth most likely lied. Rather, we are bombarded by attack dogs attempting to bring down an Aide to the President. Forget the truth, let’s use our fading power in a corrupt and immoral fashion to hurt the President we despise. There are no questions about what Wilson knew and why he was so wrapped around this story. There were no questions about why this woman was in jail even though Rove gave her permission to use his name. These are the most basic, what, when and where questions imaginable and there is no curiosity from these so called reporters. Once again they are a complete disgrace to their dying profession and their ratings will continue to reflect their disgrace.

Pray for W and Our Freedom Winning Troops